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ARRI M18 HMI Lensless Lamphead


ARRI’s M18 HMI Lamphead (110/220VAC) is a newly designed, more efficient lamphead. The M18 is an open-face, lensless fixture that combines the characteristics of a PAR and a Fresnel, creating diverging rays of light to produce a very crisp shadow. It can operate on a 20A circuit. This lamp has a beam angle (HPA) of 20° to 60°, with a wide usable field angle.

Product Description


Our M18’s come with barndoors and the ballast as part of the rental. The HMI bulbs for these lamps are expensive. If damage to the bulbs is discovered, additional fees will be charged. They do NOT come with stands. The M18’s uses a 1 1/8″ (29 mm) stand mount. We have rental stands available here.

Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in